Cyber Security From detecting intrusion in real time, protecting applications before launch, fortifying current security controls, to handling an actual cyberattack – our specialized services are designed to address an organization’s IT security needs on all fronts. Build the future of your business
with our Data Services
We help businesses build strong data foundations and develop advanced analytics capabilities that drive decision making and maximize business performance.
ERP Solutions We help organizations manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations of businesses of all sizes in multiple industries. Enroll Now

Our Services

Cyber Security

Our portfolio of cybersecurity services allows us to build the link between security risk and compliance, security governance, security architecture, engineering and security operations. 

Vialogic offers following Cybersecurity consulting services in the following areas:

  • Defining Security Strategies to enable digital business.

Digital Strategy and Platforms

The only constant is disruption; results in constant Innovation.

Organizations redesign business model to move value creation from

inside of the firm to the outside of the firm. Enable collaboration
through platforms to control interactions to capture new value.
Vialogic offers following digital strategy services to help accelerate journey to the digital business:

  • Digital Strategy Alignment

Data Strategy, Governance and Analytics

An organization often carry significant operational risk from not having a handle on its data;

also potentially in breach of contractual requirements to demonstrate robust

data management and governance practices. We help organization’s to drive a range

of opportunities for revenue through data-driven business insights. Vialogic offers consulting services in the following areas:

  • Data Strategy Alignment and TOM

Digital Integration Hub

Integration is a key enabler for your digital Transformation initiatives.

A Digital Integration Hub (DIH) consists of multiple on-prime and cloud-based

integration capabilities enables application and data integration in the cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments. A DIH enables organizations with a consistent integration approach through data manage patterns with speed and scale.

Our Services:

  • Enterprise Integration Strategy


Pay Scanner

Pay Scanner

Using distributed ledgers, Payscanner technology allows individuals, SMEs, corporates, and charities to pay competitive rates for cross-border transactions. We’ve partnered with major processors in 35 countries for an all-in-one portal.


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Via Cyber

Via Cyber

Our blogging platform lets bloggers craft content awaiting admin approval. Once approved, customers access cyber utilities, enriching their experience. Our blogs cover diverse topics, trends, popularities, blending information and entertainment seamlessly

About Vialogic

 At Vialogic, we develop, implement and manage technology solutions that answer today’s critical business challenges.
Since 2006, we have assisted a number of our medium to large-scale global clients across various industries, helping
them achieve their business goals.  Leverage expertise in Enterprise IT, Cyber Security, Digital Transformations, Data
Analytics, and Information Management.   We accomplish this through the deep business and technical expertise of our teams.
Our partnerships with technology leaders combined with innovative design approaches are the key to success.


To become a recognized participant in the digital ecosystems helping
partners drive digital strategies by the end of this decade.

Mission and Purpose

To establish as a trusted strategic partner to the organizations embrace digital transformations 
to remain profitable in changing market conditions. To help organizations succeed by driving 
digital strategies to compete with disruptors through continuous innovation and virtual 
integration of best network of products and service providers in ecosystems. Benefit from 
the network effect of the ecosystems by expanding partner network across the borders to leverage, 
complement, and connect distinctive capabilities and create unique value for its partners. 

Our Values







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