Cyber Security

Our portfolio of cybersecurity services allows us to build the link between security risk and compliance, security governance, security architecture, engineering and security operations. 

Vialogic offers following Cybersecurity consulting services in the following areas:

  • Defining Security Strategies to enable digital business.
  • Developing the Cybersecurity function for organizations
  • Defining and implementing the Security Risk and Compliance Framework
  • Defining and implementing the Security Governance Framework  
  • Designing and Implementing Security Architecture for digital platforms and services, cloud native solutions and migration to cloud services. 
  • Defining and implementing the security support functions such as building the security engineering function, the security operations center and digital forensics. 

Digital Strategy and Platforms

The only constant is disruption; results in constant Innovation.

Organizations redesign business model to move value creation from

inside of the firm to the outside of the firm. Enable collaboration
through platforms to control interactions to capture new value.
Vialogic offers following digital strategy services to help accelerate journey to the digital business:

  • Digital Strategy Alignment
  • Digital Offerings and Customer Journey
  • Hybrid Integration Platforms
  • Innovation Lab
  • Digitization of Backoffice processes
  • Data Platforms

Data Strategy, Governance and Analytics

An organization often carry significant operational risk from not having a handle on its data;

also potentially in breach of contractual requirements to demonstrate robust

data management and governance practices. We help organization’s to drive a range

of opportunities for revenue through data-driven business insights. Vialogic offers consulting services in the following areas:

  • Data Strategy Alignment and TOM
  • Define Data Governance Process, Principles, Policies, and Structure
  • Design of supporting Data Capabilities
  • Design and Implement Data Analytics Platform
  • Data Architecture and Enterprise Domain Model
  • Data Integration Workflow Re-engineering

Digital Integration Hub

Integration is a key enabler for your digital Transformation initiatives.

A Digital Integration Hub (DIH) consists of multiple on-prime and cloud-based

integration capabilities enables application and data integration in the cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments. A DIH enables organizations with a consistent integration approach through data manage patterns with speed and scale.

Our Services:

  • Enterprise Integration Strategy
  • Integration Platform Assessments
  • Integration Reference Architectures
  • Integration Architecture Roadmap
  • API Strategy